Basic Viewer

General purpose map viewer with only the essentia More

Feature List Viewer

Map and configurable feature list side by side. Ma More

Charts Viewer

Creating charts for numeric attributes of features More

Cartoview Webapp Builder

Configure a map with multiple components, based on More

Cartoview Dashboard

Create dashboard with map, chart, summary, identif More

Summary Viewer

Summarizes the numeric attributes of features in a More

Time Data Viewer

Time Data Viewer enables you to display layers tha More

Feature Server (CartoServer)

implements ArcGIS Geoservices REST API and serves More

Public Information

Esri mapping template to showcase social media on More

ArcGIS Basic Viewer

Viewer is a configurable application template that More

ArcGIS Minimalist Viewer

Embed application used by ArcGIS Online to embed m More

Live Maps

Live Maps is a configurable template for providing More

Graduated Thematic Styler

Create Layer color range garaduated value style. C More

Categorized Thematic Styler

Create Layer style by category. Creates geoserver More

Heatmap Styler

Create heatmap style for point layers. Creates geo More

Point in Polygon

computes statistics for the distribution of a give More

Import ArcGIS feature layers

Import arcgis feature layer into PostGIS Layer and More

Cartoview Geo Blog

Create Dynamic Pages and Pusblish you Contents usi More

Buffer Analysis Tool

Takes a feature collection and applies a buffer to More


collect XY Location and associate Attributes and I More


Users can submit new reports, review existing repo More

Cartoview Workspace

list of your apps , layers and maps in single plac More