Game of Thrones Filming locations are longer than Arya Stark’s Kill list.

Game of Thrones, the TV show that combines patient, love, drama and death walkers and it is sure that you would like to know the filming locations.


While the fictional world of the seven kingdoms might seem far removed from reality, their real-life locations are surprisingly close at hand. From the rolling hills of Northern Ireland to the badlands of Spain, Croatia, Malta and Scotland.


After the Great Success Game of Thrones made, People everywhere kept eyes on the Filming locations of the best show ever existed on the history of films.


You can create your own Game of Thrones map with CartoView using different GIS layers and visualize them on the series’ fictional base map.


CartoView simple map viewer app allows you to visualize different filming locations of the series, you can add the different layers such as Continents , lakes, rivers, roads, regions……Etc.

Simple map viewer App will let you choose and preview you uploaded layers with the identify feature that gives a pop-up information about the clicked feature, the location field on the attribute table data contains the link that navigate you to the album pictures of the real filming locations.


After creating your map with CartoView using game of thrones base map as a back ground you can add your layers with Shapefile format.


Create your simple map viewer app and add your Game of thrones map then click on any feature you want to know its real place and you will be able to see its real filming location.